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Why do my Brakes make Noise? Brakes can make different types of noises.

Brake Services

Let's go over what some of these are:

Grinding Brake Noise can happen when the Brake Pads are worn out and are cutting into the Brake Rotor.

A loose Brake Pad or defective Brake Hardware can cause a clicking brake noise.

Scraping Brake Noise can result from not having any Brake Pads left and scraping on the Brake Rotor. If one of the Brake Shims comes loose and gets stuck between the Brake Pad and the Brake Rotor can cause this noise too.

Knocking Brake Noise can be due to having outer round or warped Brake Rotors.

Brake services

If your Brakes are making a lot of noise, they're trying to tell you something. Not sure if it is time to Replace your Brake Pads or Rotors? call Ray & Dana's Inman Auto Care to schedule your Free Brake Inspection.

A/C Car Repairs Near Me

Car A/C not working? It can be due to an electrical issue or mechanical failure from one of the A/C components. Having your A/C Stop Working in the middle of a hot day can not only make you uncomfortable but ruin your day.

AC Services

A Coolant Leak can also affect your A/C Performance. If you see or smell Coolant Fluid, you most likely have a Coolant Leak and should have it repair as soon as possible. A/C Leaks are one of the most common problems when your A/C Stops Working.
Freon is gas and odorless. The technician will have to perform an A/C Evacuation and Recharge the system a leak detection dye. Different parts like the A/C Compressor, Condenser, Evaporator Core, seals, gaskets lines etc. can Start Leaking from normal wear.

The A/C System can also stop working from a Blown Fuse, faulty Relay or internal failure from one of the A/C Components.

At Ray & Dana's, we perform an AC diagnostic to spot potential leaks and ensure your system is working. Book an appointment today to keep the Cool Air coming!

What does it mean when the battery light comes on?

The battery light indicates a battery charging problem. Here's an interesting statistic: Only 30 percent of car batteries make it to 48 months. And the life expectancy varies by where you live. It ranges from 51 months in extremely cold areas to just 30 months in extremely hot climates.

Why is that? It turns out that it's our modern cars with all their electric accessories that are to blame. Things like, GPS, headlights, heater, stereo and entertainment computers are keeping vehicle batteries from maintaining a full charge. The longer a battery goes with a low charge, the sooner it'll die.

The job of an alternator is to recharge the battery. The problem comes when the car's demand for electricity is high and we are driving in stop and go conditions or short trips. The alternator just can't keep up. The result is shortened battery life, faulty alternator belt or bad alternator.


Lights - Dim lights or flickering lights

Lights on dashboard - This varies by the model, but when the alternator starts to let go, it can light up a "Check Engine," "ALT," or a battery icon indicator.

Noises - The serpentine belt could have stretched with age and may not be spinning the alternator pulley effectively, leading to a lack of charge. This typically results in a squealing noise. On the other hand, the internal bearings can wear out, causing a growl or grinding noise.

Dead battery - Without a functioning alternator, the vehicle quickly uses up all of the battery's capacity, leaving it drained.

Ray & Dana's Inman Auto Care Can help

If you do find yourself with any of the symptoms above, then come in to your local auto repair near you facility today. We will take a look at your charging system and make sure you don't get stranded.

"Why is my check engine light on?"

It means that the vehicle's on-board computer has seen or is seeing a problem with the vehicle. The computer stores in its memory a "Trouble Code or codes" that advises the mechanic what part of the engine management system is failing and to troubleshoot.

Engine services

It can be as minor as a loose gas cap to a problematic situation like your engine misfiring. The average car can have between 40 to 200 "Trouble Codes". The problem that we face today is that for all these codes there is only one check engine light that will come on.

As the customer, you can have a repair done today only to have the light come back next month for an unrelated problem. While this doesn't happen often, it is sometimes an unfortunate reality. The one thing you don't want to do is ignore it.

Engine services

Whenever a check engine light is repaired at our facility your invoice will show, in detail, the work performed as well as the number and definition of the trouble code repaired. If the light comes back on again in the future this will serve as a record of what was done and as a way for you to determine whether it is the same problem or totally unrelated to the original code.

For a proper diagnosis, come down to Ray & Dana's to get to the bottom of the issue or call us to schedule your appointment at 732-388-4939.

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